Before Installation You Should Know What Magento Is??


Magento is a web based business stage based on open source technology which gives online traders a flexible shopping cart system, easy control over the look, content, CMS pages, Statics Blocks and Functionality of their online website store more easily with a single panel and empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. Magento offers capable promoting, website streamlining, and list administration devices. We trust that Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms available today, with releases going from group open source, to massive, large scale enterprise based system.

There are just the 4 Simple Steps to install Magento Manually.

Step 1 – Down Magento Installation Package

Step 2 – Upload Magento Installation Package to Your Server

Step 3 – Now Create MYSQL Database in Your Server

Step 4 – Finally After Completion on MYSQL Database go through Magento Installation Process

The Details Process For Installation of Magento

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is to install Magento manually i.e. download the most recent establishment bundle from the official Magento site.

Step 2 – Next Step is to upload the downloaded Magento Installation Package on your hosting account through your Cpanel i.e. By using File Manager or by using an FTP Client.

So if you want to upload the Magento installation package on your primary domain (i.e. then you need to fetch the installation package to the public_html folder in the File Manager.

Once you done with the upload of the Magento Installation Package, you need to extract the file through your Cpanel i.e. in the File Manager in public_html.

Step 3 -Now the next step is to Create MYSQL Database through Cpanel. You need to create MYSQL USER NAME then you need to add USER to DATABASE. But do remember the database details as you need them to install during the script installation.

Step 4 – Finally you need to go through Magento Installation Process.

As we already told you in step 2 that you need to install Magento in public_html folder and extract the files in the same folder and you already installed the MYSQL Database in Step 3, so now you need to navigate to (

There you will find the below forms
Magento Step 1 After navigate to ( you are able to find this on your screen. then you need to click on the check box next to I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITION then click on CONTINUE button
Magento Step 2 Then you need to choose the preferred time zone and currency to setup in your Magento Panel and then press CONTINUE button
Magento Step 3, Now you need to enter the database details, which you did while making MSQL i.e DATABASE NAME, USER NAME and USER PASSWORD. Rest leave all the option blank.Then next step is to click the CONTINUE button.
Magento Step 4, This is something essential you need to remember after installation of Magento. At this point you need to enter the personal information and the admin login details FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and E-MAIL ID. You can leave other details blank and finally you need to click CONTINUE button.
Magento Step 5 Finally, Write down your encryption key; it will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information.

Your Magento installation was successfully completed. Now you can navigate to its Frontend or Backend.

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