Adobe Photoshop CS6

Beginner Guide to learn Photoshop CS6 tools – Series 1

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Selection Tools A Necessary Step for Any Photoshop Project

The world’s most renowned photo editing software, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP has been around for quite a long time and has gone through various updated version since its initial release. Latest version, CS6 is available with a lot of new and improved tools, streamlining the Photoshop experience. Majority of tools revolve majorly around ground-up design, giving a larger array of option to start with. Tools also come jam-packed with a Variety of convenient tools.

In Series 1 of Photoshop basics tutorial, we’ll cover all the necessary toolbar and few basic tools, which are primarily necessary for day today life and are revolved around the selecting of items. These tools include:

  • Tool Bar
  • The move tool
  • The rectangular marquee tool
  • The elliptical marquee tool
  • The single row marquee tool
  • The single column marquee tool

Note- No matter the project, these tools will act as the first steps in editing any materials and are the most important to grasp. By learning about these tools, you’ll be mastering yourself for more advanced tools in no time.


Photoshop CS6’s toolbar is located on the left of the page (although it’s worth noting this may be changed in the settings, according to user preference). Toolbar is also available on the Window panel.

User have the option of having tool menu in extended and compact mode, compact mode doesn’t necessary take up much less space than extended mode, through it is shorter an wider.


It’s really all up to aesthetics and personal preference. When using a tool found on the toolbar, it’s as easy as a mouse click to activate it.

All about Photoshop CS6 Tools:-

The Move Tool

The move tool is located on the very top of the toolbar. For extra clarity and the location please see the attached below images with the red mark.

For a bit of added convenience, its worth noting that the move tool’s keyboard shortcut is “V” Key.

Using move tool is as simple as selecting it with a left click and then clicking and dragging the image you want to move.

Note – You can also copy or cut the pixel selection and move it to a different window or in the same window.

The Rectangular Marquee Tool

Underneath the move tool on the toolbar, you will notice an icon like marching ants. Clicking or holding this icon will make a drop menu appear in which you can click on Rectangular Marquee tool.

Keyboard Shortcut for this is “M” Key

After  selecting the rectangular marquee tool, you’ll be able to click and drag your mouse to select a portion of your workstation, highlighting it with marching ants upon release. Upon highlighting an area, users may impact that area in any way they please through the edit menu.

For example – if someone wish to cut a portion of what appears in there workstation, they would first highlight it with the rectangular marquee tool then select “cut”.

The Elliptical Marquee tool

this particular marquee tool is found under the same drop menu as the one above. upon clicking and holding the icon of the marching ants under the move tool, you’ll be able to select the elliptical marquee tool.

The Keyboard shortcut is once again the “M” Key, whichever marquee tool was last selected through drop menu is what will be selected upon hitting this key.

The process of using the elliptical marquee tool is the exactly same as rectangular marquee tool/ Simply click and drag the mouse to highlight an area. This time the area is going to be circle as opposed to a rectangle. this tool is simply used for highlighting areas within your workstation, which can then be modified via the edit menu.

Single Row Marquee Tool

The single row marquee tool is found the same way as the other marquee tool. the only difference is that this tool has no keyboard shortcut.

To use this tool, you want to click on the screen (as opposed to click and drag). A row of marching ants will be created across the x-axis of the pixel you clicked on, from one side of the screen to the other, unlike the other marquee tools, which are generally used to highlight images or portions of the screen, the single row marquee tool is most commonly used to make lines across the screen.

for example, if an image you’re creating required a single-pixel-wide line be drawn across the screen this is the easiest way to go about doing so.

Single column Marquee tool

After the single row tool, this one should come as self-explanatory. Once again, this tool is found in the same drop menu as every other marquee tool on this list. Like the single row tool, it also has no Keyboard short cut.

Once the tool is selected, you’ll be able to click a pixel and have a vertical line appear down the screen across the pixel you selected.

The example used for the single row tool also holds true for the single column tool- if and image you’re creating demands a pixel-wide vertical line, this is an easy way to go about creating such line

Hope you enjoy it.

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