Selection Tools A Necessary Step for Any Photoshop Project

The world’s most renowned photo editing software, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP has been around for quite a long time and has gone through various updated version since its initial release. Latest version, CS6 is available with a lot of new and improved tools, streamlining the Photoshop experience. Majority of tools revolve majorly around ground-up design, giving a larger array of option to start with. Tools also come jam-packed with a Variety of convenient tools.

In Series 1 of Photoshop basics tutorial, we’ll cover all the necessary toolbar and few basic tools, which are primarily necessary for day today life and are revolved around the selecting of items. These tools include:

  • Tool Bar
  • The move tool
  • The rectangular marquee tool
  • The elliptical marquee tool
  • The single row marquee tool
  • The single column marquee tool