Hello, I’d like to share my experience concerning the follow and unfollow Instagram limits. I’ve run several tests and done so many research on Instagram follow and unfollow that gave me these figures.

If you try to promote your own Instagram account, or may be your company, or someone else account you should study the following recommendations very carefully. Reading these point and sticking to the below mentions figures can protect your account from be penalized or blocked by Instagram.

For trusted accounts:

  • Follows: one in every 30 – 40 seconds and no more than 60 follows an hour (1000 follows a day, with a 24 hour pause);
  • Follows + Likes: below 1000 a day, it is advisable to keep the frequency at one every 30 – 40 seconds;
  • Unfollow: the interval of 20-30 seconds, no more than 500 every 24 hours.

For new accounts:

  • The actions frequency for the first Month after the account is set up should be 45-60 seconds per follow.
  • The total actions limit is 200 actions a day (follow, unfollow, like).

Publishing images.

  • You shouldn’t add too many images to a new Instagram account, the best practice is to publish no more than 2-3 images a day, and for older accounts this figure is 9-12 images.

Main reason why did Instagram blocked you

If you are using some Apps or Bots to Auto Follow other people

Facebook Inc have a strong policy against Auto follow Bots , Apps and Website they don’t allow users to use such type of tricks to increase followers/numbers. Instagram Allow you to follow maximum 100 people in 1 Hour (based on my personal) if you exceed this limit they will temporary block you

Don’t worry this block is temporary you’ll able to use Instagram again if you won’t use such Apps again. If you love your Account then I Personally Request you to not to use these type of Apps to gain followers because if you continue using it they will flag or Disable your account


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